Welcome. Becoming a Jew by choice should be considered an act of enormous courage, sincerity, and spiritual commitment. Unlike Christianity and Islam, Judaism generally does not actively seek converts. Nevertheless, Judaism welcomes with “open arms” those who are genuine in their pursuit. If you want it, it is “meant to be.” I would be happy, honored and pleased to help you convert to Judaism. The process normally requires anywhere from four to six months or more of “one on one” learning together. It will be fun, interactive and not tedious or difficult. This program is primarily designed for adults (over 18).

Judaism believes that God created us to improve the world for ourselves and everyone else. That is, make the world a better place through equal justice for all, charity, kindness, respect, peace, doing good works etc. We are a people of “Deed” more than of “Creed.” Doing the right thing through deliberate action is more important and meaningful than just belief or faith.

All lessons are with me personally, Rabbi Bill. Lessons done only via telephone, FaceTime or Skype.
You can discontinue your studies at anytime and only be obligated to pay for the study sessions already completed with me, the Rabbi. Should you decide to discontinue the conversion process with me and wish to continue with a local synagogue or Rabbi, I would think this to be most beneficial and very appropriate. Judaism is very much about making local community and having close interaction with other Jews.