About Conversion

It is important that you understand the process. I am an ordained liberal progressive Rabbi affiliated with a Rabbinic seminary and synagogue registered in New York City and will arrange a Beit Din ( Rabbinic court) and can assist you in conversion. We would study together for a period of months by telephone or FaceTime or Skype and email. When you and I think you are ready, I would present you in person to a constituted Rabbinic court (Beit Din) of 3 independent ordained Rabbis in New York City. You would then visit our authorized Mikvah (ritual bath) after which the court will issue a certificate officially authenticating your conversion. There are some fees for the use of the Mikvah and honorariums for the certification by the three independent ordained Rabbis of the Beit Din (Rabbinic Court) plus your expenses to get to New York City.

There is no one central authority in Judaism to set standards for conversions.

Denominational Judaism (Orthodox, Traditional, Conservative, Reform, Humanist , Reconstructionist, Liberal, Non-Denominational etc. ) as practiced in the United States and even more narrowly defined by the Rabbis in Israel and other countries in the world where Jews reside, have distinct and different requirements for conversion. These denominations will generally not accept any conversions as bona fide, or certified when not performed to the level of their own particular standards and specifically under the absolute and complete supervision of their own Rabbis teachers.

Becoming Jewish and moving to Israel:

If you are seeking conversion in America with intention to make aliyah ( immigate to Israel) and become a Jewish citizen of Israel, you need to fully investigate all the complex legal aspects and hurdles. It is not an easy process. Web-sites advertising Orthodox conversions or even just Jewish conversion are in no way a guarantee of Israeli Rabbinic acceptance.