The Curriculum


You will need to buy some specific books. I will provide the information.

Ability to read simple Hebrew from Siddur
(prayer book) and Chumash (Bible).

Working vocabulary of Jewish terms and concepts.

Denominational differences: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Liberal, Traditional, Non Denominational

Shabbat: Its importance and observance.

Familiarity with Siddur and prayer service for weekday (Tefillin & Tallit), holidays and Shabbat.

Read complete Chumash with discussion of weekly Parsha in the yearly cycle.

Familiarity with Machzor (prayer book) and
Prayer services for High Holidays.

Jewish calendar, holiday cycle, customs and

Jewish life cycle (birth, B’nai Mitvah, marriage and

Jewish Ethical concepts such as Tikkun Olum.
Tzaddaka. Bichur Cholim etc.

Jewish Law and classics: Mishna, Talmud, Shulchan
Aruch etc.

Kosher Laws (Kashrut)

Jewish History and The State of Israel

Regular attendance at your local synagogue when
possible. Making Jewish community is very important.

Should you ever decide to continue your conversion studies with the Rabbi of your local synagogue, I would think this most appropriate and encourage you to do so.